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Clamming Near Homer, Alaska

Clamming The Kenai Peninsula in Alaska has become a popular past time. The beaches from just north of Homer to the Kasilof River mouth are home to one of only eight major concentrations of razors on the entire Pacific Coast. Read about the different types of clams below.

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Razor Clams
Found on most beaches from Kasilof to the Spit
Reach an average size of 3 ½” but is often 5-6”
Season: July – August.
License: Valid Fishing license
Equipment: Shovel, boots, bucket, warm layered clothing
Limit: No more than the first 45 clams dug
Location: Clam Gulch at low tide, 20 miles north of Ninilchik.
Other areas: Deep Creek, Ninilchik & Whiskey Gulch
Method: Look for the dimples in the sand. Dig fast and deep.

Butter, Steamer & Other Hard Shell Clams
License: Call Fish & Game
Equipment: Not a shovel, but rather a rake
Limit: Call Fish & Game for size & bag limits
Location: South side of Kachemak Bay, East side of the spit
Method: They are raked out of the gravel during minus tides near the water line. Rake carefully deeper into the beach until you uncover the white shells amongst the stones and pebbles. After harvesting, leave them in a bucket of sea water for several hours to allow them to clean themselves. A handful of cornmeal helps.